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  • We will educate you about the current housing market conditions.

  • Discuss and analyze homes that best fit your budget and criteria.

  • Research and prepare a pool of potential homes that are right for you.

  • Schedule showings and prepare comparable sale numbers to best analyze the prospective property.

  • Provide quotes for renovations, repairs or any other expenses that may occur with the home.

  • Engage in negotiations to get the best price and terms possible for the purchase of the home.



  • We will conduct a comparative market analysis to demonstrate what other homes in your area have been sold for in the recent months.

  • Bring in Staging and Design consultants to ensure your home is looking it's best for prospective buyers.

  • Complete minor repairs around your home prior to listing at our own expense.

  • Have professional photographers takes photos and create a virtual tour of the home.

  • Expertly market your home through multiple channels including social media, websites, multiple listing services and internal databases. 

  • Engage in negotiations to get the best price and terms possible on the sale of your home.



  • Looking to expand your real estate investment portfolio?  We are highly experienced in Multi-Family Residential, and Mixed Use properties.

  • We can conduct due diligence for you through comparative market analysis, cash flow models, financing solutions, and economic feasibility.

  • Providing roadmaps for your financial and investment goals.

  • WE ARE INVESTORS.  We understand investing in real estate, the risks, the rewards, and most importantly, navigating unexpected challenges.

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  • We have exclusive access to Builder inventory and can provide pre-construction opportunities in multiple cities.

  • The pre-construction market is hotter than ever and securing units before they hit public release is necessary to get what you want.

  • Investment packages for pre-construction are available upon request.

  • Check out our Developments page for upcoming projects.

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